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Photos: RB / Philippe Ruault
Completed in 2019

Unity and Diversity

A settler's house in Vienna from 1924, built by the members of the cooperative with the simplest of means and all with their own contributions. One helped the other until the settlement was finished. In the end the houses were raffled among the settlers. Simply built on stamped clay soil. Two-storey row houses with small animal stables and self-catering garden.


The residents have building rights and the right to pass on the property within the family, but the property cannot be capitalised, as the land belongs to the City of Vienna. A very modern model to contain the speculation with living space.

 The tenants want to do the necessary renovation against rising damp, install a bathroom, make the ground floor more open to create a common room with kitchen.  Nothing allowed to be changed outside. The bank does not give any credit because there is no property. So rebuild everything in own contribution. A social experiment. Achieve a lot together with little financial means.


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