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The design concept attempts to keep the interventions in the park and on the historic buildings as small and subtle as possible and as visible as necessary at the entrances; inside, on the other hand, it creates a contemporary, spacious sequence of rooms as an entrance to the baroque building and museum, which is designed in keeping with the occasion and our time, while recognizing and appreciating the historic building.


The new underground Visitor Centre is spanned by a vaulted, diamond-shaped steel truss structure, which allows it to bear large loads with the lowest possible structural height. This elegant truss structure visibly and organically spans the entire Visitor Centre. Thanks to its varied height and width, it creates a differentiated sequence of rooms leading up to the staircase to the historical museum. The curved structure requires only a few slim tree columns, allowing the central visitor area to be designed with great room height and an open floor plan. In the centre of the foyer is a shallow water basin with a glazed floor to bring daylight into the visitor centre and create a unique, moving lighting atmosphere.

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