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In the exterior design facing the street, we have kept the two historical design elements in their widely visible dominance by stretching a folded roofscape between them. Each of the new two-storey residential units has two terraces and vertical windows in the living area. One terrace faces south or west with a view of the city and another faces north towards the courtyard to the quiet and green area. In addition, it is still possible to climb up to the uppermost roof level, which will be laid out as an intensively planted roof garden to improve the microclimate in the densely built-up inner city area.

The quality of life in the apartments has the highest priority in the design process. The folded roof stretches over the common room like a tent. The two room levels are openly connected under the roof, only the bedrooms and adjoining rooms are separate rooms. 


The energy supply for cooling and heating is obtained 100% from renewable energy on the property. Thus we again fulfil two goals of our ethical office charter : Highest comfort without fossil energy and low operating costs for the residents!

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