Lech, Oberlech,... what comes then as a superlative for the passionate skier and nature lover?  There we develop around the oldest preserved farm "Goldener Berg" conversions and additions to the existing hotel complex to further enhance this unique place and its importance as the origin of the development of Oberlech.

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Maria Rain near Klagenfurt was an idyllic place as a scattered settlement with single farms in the wonderful hilly landscape. The development of recent decades has led to many farms being abandoned and their land around them built with single-family homes. One who wants to do it differently and is looking for the future for his farm has turned to us and together we develop concepts to secure the farm for future generations with the conversion of the stock. We think together what we can develop with the machine hall no longer needed in this size, the former cattle barn, the hayloft, etc., and work on the new farm community so that the land around the farm can be farmed in the next generation. 

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A wooded hillside, isolated location in southern Burgenland, hardly any building regulations.  A place in nature was created for living.  Energy self-sufficient house. Natural course of the terrain used, oriented towards the sun and landscape views.  Basement partly in the ground with cool bedrooms in a dry hot climate zone. The living floor above is built in a wooden stand construction and cellulose insulation with a cantilevered veranda as natural protection against overheating in summer.


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Two houses for a family with three children in an allotment garden settlement in Vienna. Each house has a 50 m2 built-up area and 250 m3 enclosed space. Strict specifications. Compact design and slim wooden stand construction. A residential house and a sleeping house. On one side the common space on two levels, which is connected by a terrace on the opposite side with the private rooms. Courtyard formation as a privacy screen in the narrow and densely built-up area with small plots of land. Cooling and heating with geothermal energy by deep drilling, no consumption of fossil energy.

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The quality of life in the apartments has the highest priority in the design process. The folded roof stretches over the common room like a tent. The two-room levels are openly connected under the roof, only the bedrooms and adjoining rooms are separate rooms. 


The energy supply for cooling and heating is obtained 100% of renewable energy on the property. Thus we again fulfill two goals of our ethical office charter: Highest comfort without fossil energy and low operating costs for the residents!

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Seit langem beraten wir den Bridge Club Wien bei der Pflege und Instandhaltung der Wohnung Löwenbach von Adolf Loos. Wir freuen uns sehr im Loos Jubiläumsjahr 2020 zu seinem 150.Geburtstag gemeinsam mit dem Bundesdenkmalamt die Restaurierung des  besonders schönen Beispiel einer  Wohnungseinrichtung von Loos in den gut erhaltenen Zimmer beginnen zu können.


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