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our philosophy

We have worked out new principles of action for our office. With our daily work we want to make a contribution to the built environment and the well-being of people.


We create an improved present

Both the acceleration of global warming and the quality of conventional construction require rapid and consistent action. Something has to change immediately!


It is therefore important to use everything that is already there in the best possible way and to combine valuable experience from the past with modern possibilities. Our previous work shows that there is no such thing as a waiver for users. On the contrary:  In all areas we can achieve improvements for the users, builders and operators of buildings compared to the previous building standard.


Architecture to feel good

Man is a social being. The environment in which he lives affects not only his own well-being, but also the way he interacts with those around him. The most important thing in our work is the well-being of the inhabitants of our built environment. The quality of this built environment affects us all, every day, every hour.


It is a question of know-how in the planning team and cooperation with the client in order to achieve better solutions for us humans and our environment for every location and for every task. The improvements are directly noticeable for every user and they are based on a long-term strategy for the buildings.

We see the economic efficiency of our buildings and the functional requirements as a basic requirement for every construction project. For us, however, it is about the more that we can achieve for the environment through our work for the well-being of users, maintenance by the owners and the efficient use of resources.


Tradition and modern technology

We rely on the interaction of traditional knowledge and the latest technology. Architecture can be comfortable, architecture can also be cozy. Architecture should be adaptable for the user. We support lived neighborhoods. Something new arises from what already exists and the new demands we have on our coexistence.

The living structure is closer to us than the rational standardization. Diversity, community and the empowerment of the individual are important to us.


We base our actions on the current guidelines of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), summarized in the current brochure"Focus on people". We are pleased that the well-being of people has now become an essential criterion for the certification of buildings by the DGNB.


We welcome the initiative of the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG) for sustainable construction and its new requirements for the long-term use of buildings, the resilience of buildings, the use of regenerative energy and biologically certified building materials that are recyclable.


We do not follow ideologies, but develop complex approaches to excellent solutions together as a team.


Together we create improvements for the individual and the community!!!

We look forward to working with YOU!!!!

Ralf Bock & the BauWerkStadt team

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