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Residential homestead and community gardening

The concept

Back to the roots, towards the future


URBAN AGRICULTURE - A contemporary settlement concept based on the values of the founders


Exactly 100 years ago, in 1921, cooperative housing was born in Vienna. It was created on the initiative of workers and war invalids: they were leased land from the city of Vienna for their self-sufficient gardens. In addition, they won the right to live close to your gardens in order to be able to take care of them intensively. With the founding of cooperatives by the workers, a new housing model emerged from a “bottom-up” movement, in which the residents built their own house and garden and brought this in as capital. The settler movement and cooperative housing in Vienna were born.

The Plan - Get involved and reap


We want to grow vegetables, fruit and other foods as a community and provide for ourselves to a large extent and, if the opportunity arises, also offer our harvests for sale to those around us.

The idea is to understand neighborhood again as a value in order to achieve more together. We want to set up a flat-sharing community in which you can get involved and experience the support of others. 

The personal contribution that each member brings to the community is the creation and year-round cultivation of orchards and vegetable gardens. We share the gardening and look forward to harvesting together. With a well-communicated timing, vacation or time off is also possible.

Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, we are rediscovering the advantages of joint action and exchange: local networks are more diverse, more flexible, more independent and, above all, more ecological and healthier than the liberal food market with its industrial, global agriculture, which we as consumers in supplied to the industrialized countries.

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Sample plan for a settlement with 120 residential units of different sizes in the form of stacked two storey Terraced houses.

The project – living together and shaping together

Our vision is to build a shared residential area that includes private residential units and community facilities, but should also make it possible to live and work in one place again. The project creates opportunities for communication and exchange, and the residents will fill it with life as they develop it further. Architecture only creates opportunities, there are enough retreats and meeting places. 

A major focus of the project is our own gardening: sowing, planting and caring for our community gardening, as well as joyful, joint harvesting. The extensive self-sufficiency is an important aspect of the whole project. The participants in this project undertake to perform work over a longer period of time.


The local circular economy is to be promoted with the project  and the word "NEIGHBORHOOD" are capitalized and lived in everyday life.

The settlement should be designed to be as energy self-sufficient as possible and produce as much food as possible itself. In terms of social contacts, the residential community wants to be open to the outside world and set common impulses for the immediate environment. The use of communal facilities should also be possible for the surrounding neighborhood or guests.

organizational form

At the beginning of the project, a core team is sought that is committed to the implementation of the project and is willing to put in the time. This group is founded as an association or  production cooperative and draws up its own statutes for working together. Together as a group, we can then approach non-profit property developers in Vienna or the surrounding area and look for a property with you and then implement the project with the non-profit property developer within the framework of housing subsidies. The association or the production cooperative then takes over the operation of the system and covers the long-term repayment of the construction costs with the rent. In this model, the property remains in the property of the housing developer.



Joining an association or cooperative involves a contribution, and a personal contribution per square meter of usable living space must also be paid for construction within the framework of housing subsidies.

Besides, I am, not unwillingly, the slave of my garden,

where I and my wife work almost every free minute.

It makes me very tired and a little too much

but in the midst of everything people are doing today

feel, think and talk,

it is the wisest and most beneficial

what to do.

Hermann Hesse


Close cooperation was agreed with City Farm for the implementation and supervision of the community gardening. Wolfgang Palme and his team will accompany the implementation of professional and intensive horticulture in a biological way with almost all year round harvest time without heated greenhouses and will contribute their great practical knowledge from research and application.  The project thus has a renowned partner for intensive horticulture in Austria   and leading representatives of the market gardening concept as partners.


Wir arbeiten gerade an der konkreten Umsetzung des Konzeptes in St. Pölten im Ortsteil Pottenbrunn, wo um einen bestehenden historischen Vierkanthof, der zum Gemeinschaftshaus umgebaut wird,  neun neue Wohnhäuser in einem Park mit 36 Wohneinheiten entstehen


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